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A couple of students and entrepreneurs passionate about wellness wanted to find ways to promote healthier eating on the University of Michigan campus and across the community.

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Cauliflower oatmeal? University of Michigan students say yes, and launch company to promote healthy eating

Sun and her business partner, Taylor Hurley, wanted to create something for the traditional supermarket oatmeal aisle – a pouch that could sit on the shelf in the pantry, lasting for months, as a breakfast option built around freeze-dried cauliflower.

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Cauliflower at home: A peculiar porridge's journey from recipe to business development  

Our mission is to make good food that makes you feel great. We want to partake in and eventually become a leader of the healthy food revolution. We believe in fueling ourselves with real, nutritious foods to get the most out of life

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Two Female BBAs Launch CPG Startup Promoting Healthy Eating, Aimed at Gen Z and Millennials

The two downed a lot of bowls of oatmeal before settling on two flavors: apple and spice and cacao and coconut. The selling point is to boost daily vegetable intake with the "hidden" cauliflower. There's also rice powder for protein and flaxseed for fiber.

Ann Arbor Observer: B-school Breakfast

The humble cauliflower is having a well-deserved moment of glory. It’s something of a superfood, packed with nutrients, high in fibre and can even help to keep you heart healthy. Regular oatmeal is pretty good for you, because oats are high in protein, but what if you mix the two?

Food Hack Global: Top 3 Startups of the Week on FoodHack | February W1

However, oatmeal is not the only way to enjoy Brassi. For those who might not enjoy oatmeal, other ways to use the product include making pancakes and waffles, or adding the mix to smoothies for a post-workout treat.

Spoon University: If You've Never Tried Cauliflower Oatmeal, This Brand Will Change Your Mind